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i3D Framework for Digital eXperience

Vymatix adopts a simple yet powerful i3D framework for digital eXperience.
i3D stands for i terative Discover, Drive, Deliver.

  • Discover

    Understand how an organization delivers value to its customers and comprehend its
    culture behind the value delivery. Define the key transformation pivots that can directly
    accelerate growth.

  • Drive

    Identify digital talents required to implement the transformation pivots. Implement
    innovations aligned with much needed digital solutions for the pivots.

  • Deliver

    Continuously monitor deep insights and analytics to fine tune growth acceleration.
    Iterate i3D process for incremental and analogous transformations.

  • Iterate

    Iterate the process for other vertical capabilities


Vymatix solutions benefit organizations in every industry that is ripe for digital disruption

Vymatix pivots your conventional Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, HR, Operations, and Management into an integrated digital delivery model and transforms your business to stay ahead of the competition and lead the digital disruption.

Digital Transformation

Pivot conventional business functions into seamless digital excellence


Digital innovation is no longer confined to a select few. Vymatix offers innovation for all.

Technology Consulting

Leave your complexities with us and start focusing on core business

Digital Talents

Vymatix finds expert talents that can empower your digital transformation

Analytics Dashboard

Connect multiple data platforms to provide you comprehensive 360 degree insights

Digital Solutions

Gain exponential efficiencies by embracing social, mobile, and cloud big data solutions

Big Data Solutions

Analyze tons of disparate data to generate competitive business intelligence

Cognitive Solutions

Learn customer preferences to personalize & enhance digital experience

Automation Solutions

Software robots can free valuable human capital for higher value delivery

Cloud Solutions

Leverage cloud solutions to consolidate and deliver value faster to customers

Data Engineering

We free 80% of your time spent on data management to ensure you focus on decisions

Digital Management

An integrated, cross-functional, digital delivery model transforms your business to stay ahead of the competition and lead the digital disruption

Vymatix Difference

Yes, we are obsessively passionate about your digital success. We meticulously work at every stage of your digital transformation to iteratively mature. Rest assured, with Vymatix you are in the company of professionals who have deeply imbibed digital innovation to catalyze radical transformation.

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